Manatee Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador

The Vessel


Although expedition cruising by its very nature is characterized as adventurous, the safety of our staff and passengers is of paramount importance to us. The Manatee Amazon Explorer is fully equipped and maintained in order to handle the most challenging conditions and circumstances, and is manned by experienced and conscientious expedition staff and crew. The canoes used for daily shore landings are rugged and versatile and are operated responsibly by experienced personnel. Onboard you will be fully briefed on all pertinent safety issues and concerns, as well as our environmental policy; passengers also receive appropriate and detailed briefings before each landing.


  The vessel features three decks:
  • The MAIN DECK features a dining area, kitchen, the crew’s cabins, and the engine room.
  • The UPPER DECK has 10 cabins including crew cabins.
  • The SUN DECK houses the bridge, 4 cabins, the bar and lounge, and an outdoor dining area.
Our boat has the capacity  up to 30 guests accommodate 10 standard cabins and 4 suites that accommodate . Each cabin is equipped with air conditioning, closets, a private bathroom complete with a special shower massage, hot and cold water, 24-hour electricity and 110-voltage outlets and switches. 
The Manatee Amazon Explorer is also equipped with a small fleet of motorized canoes. The canoes provide unlimited mobility and allow for the exploration of the most remote areas and inaccessible shores. Our vessel is comfortable, and complies with both national and international navigation —as well as safety, security, and environmental protection— standards. We are certified by Smart Voyager and Rainforest Alliance, entities that guarantee the sustainability of our operations.
LENGTH: 37 meters
BEAM: 23 feets / 7 meters
TONNAGE: 214.04grt
MAXIMUM SPEED: 15.0 knots downstream
SPEED: With the current, up to 15.0 knots
  Against the current, between 5.0 to 8.0 knots
CAPACITY: 10 standard suites (2 triples) and 4 deluxe suites( own jaccuzzi at Deluxe suites)All with air conditioning system, private balcony, ceiling to floor windows, hair dryer,safety box.
CREW MEMBERS: 10, including a cruise manager, English-speaking naturalist guides, 4 native guides, Captain,and crew members.
COMMUNICATION DEVICES: Telephone, HF and VHF radio.Satellite internet.