Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest Tours and Cruises

Glamping in the Amazon Rainforest


Amazonia couldn’t miss out on glamping, the new craze in luxury adventure! Starting in August 2012, Advantage Travel will offer camps fully sealed and above ground on wooden platforms, equipped with comfortable beds, charming rustic furniture, and excellent service. Our guests will be able to enjoy gourmet meals, champagne and hot showers in our tented area after exciting nature walks in the most riveting of natural environments, the megadiverse Amazon rainforest. You  may choose between four different camp sites (Cocaya, Jatum Cocha Yasuni, Huririma and Sani), where you can enjoy and explore the beautiful surroundings and amazing biodiversity of plants and animals.  In the evening, local guides will tell exciting tales on life in the jungle.  In the early morning, navigate by kayak along secret rivers and observe wildlife and nature you never expected, waking up to the sun’s first rays.  After a delicious breakfast, board the Manatee Amazon Explorer.

This additional program, with a maximum capacity of up to 8 guests, is a great alternative to encounter the amazon, in addition to the Manatee Cruise. If you are interested in joining us for this unforgettable experience without the Manatee Amazon Explorer cruise, contact our sales team at