Amazon River Cruises & Rainforest Expeditions

Why travel with us?


Why travel with us?Exploring the Amazon Basin can be approached in many ways, but probably the best approach is to do it all! Doesn’t that sound inviting? The Manatee Amazon Explorer’s flexibility as a comprehensive navigation adventure that takes visitors to many different visitor sites within the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin —visitor sites that you would forcibly not be able to visit if you stayed only in one place— is, quite clearly, one of the most notorious differences between visiting the Amazon Basin with us or choosing one of the many fine ecolodges in the area. That fact becomes even more attractive when taking into account that we work with first-rate guides, that the variety of excursions and itineraries we choose is ample and compelling, that our excellent service and professional savoir-faire creates a pampering, relaxing vacation for the most demanding guests, that we couple all our efforts with a heartfelt commitment to the communities and nature of the Amazon.


With seamless logistics, staff in Quito and Coca, and our follow-up team before, during and after clients’ visits, we make sure everything goes exactly as planned. All you have to do is enjoy the ride.