Manatee Amazon Explorer in Ecuador

Our Commitment with the Rainforest


We are conscious of the impact that the tourism industry could feasibly have on the environment, and that is why we are committed to applying responsible and sustainable practices in our operation. We want to make sure that quality service is not compromised, and thus minimize our “footprint” in these fragile, and globally important, environments. The following are some of our best practices that express our deep commitment towards the sacred lands we tread on:


  • Treating water with ozone instead of chemicals, thus avoiding involuntary water contamination and accidental poisoning.
  • Limited water use for cleaning the vessel, laundry services, and personal use. We also ask our guests to let us know of their laundry needs only when necessary, and to enjoy shorter showers.
  • Providing guests with biodegradable amenities as well as biodegradable cleaning products onboard.
  • For our excursions, we provide guests with refillable water bottles to minimize the use of disposable material and therefore, reduce the amount of waste generated.
  • Adopting recycling measures such as separating paper, plastic and organic wastes in different containers and separating residues before disposing of them at the port, where they are duly managed by the city.
  • Since the vessel is powered with both regular and diesel fuel, we have made an effort to use equipment that will reduce consumption levels, such as energy saving light bulbs.
  • Our engines meet all European standards and regulations.
  • Featuring four-horsepower outboard motors to save fuel and reduce noise.
  • We constantly train and update personnel in terms of safety measures and best practices for both passengers as well as the environment. We also provide training for community members on these subjects as well.
  • Calculating our shipments to reduce unnecessary surplus, thus reducing waste.
  • All of our shipment containers are carefully sealed to avoid foreign objects and/or animals being introduced into our cargo.