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This is a journey into a planet’s heart. The Amazon Basin, home of the world’s largest body of freshwater –the vigorous Amazon River – represents about one-fifth of all running water on Earth. Its jungles power clouds across our skies, its trees are our damper against the effects of global warming.



One of the important objectives of tourism ventures in such special natural environments is to create international awareness of their importance for our very own future survival, reflected in our love, care and respect towards the planet that gives us life. When highlighting Amazonia, an indisputable example of the extreme biology our planet possesses, we touch on the fact that difference is the structure of life, that every living being influences another, that balance can be made up of an infinite variety of weights, that as long as nothing overpowers anything else, the cycle of life will prevail.

Ecuador, by grace of nature itself, lies in a most astounding location. Not only is the country magnetically fascinating as it sits astride the Equatorial Line, and not only is it blessed by one of the most spectacular mountain ranges on Earth, the Andes Mountains, it is the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin (within protected areas such as the Cuyabeno and the Yasuní) where we find the largest congregation of animal and plant species in the world.

The experience is a magical one. Monkeys that can fit in your hand, unique bird hatchlings that still possess claws on their wings like their prehistoric ancestors, insects whose bodies emulate not only sticks, but half-dead leaf litter, furry spiders and gigantic snakes, palm trees that can “walk” and countless specimens that have not yet been identified by Science. As a longtime navigator of this Chosen Land, I can attest to the fact that the experience is a true ode to exploration.

We will look under leaf litter, climb to the tops of trees, we will silently lurk black-water streams and inch up on hundreds of parrots feeding, and we will navigate… we will navigate Orellana’s many paths in his search for the world’s most powerful river, the mighty Amazon, not only attesting to its marvelous biological diversity, but meeting the people and cultures that have been able to live in harmony within this pristine world, cherishing and keeping it as unchanged as possible.

Our experienced crew was assembled specifically to make your adventure the most enjoyable, educating and unforgettable, while our programming staff thought out the best possible itineraries so you could come back with the truest “big picture” of Amazonia, in all its cultural and natural glory. Always in support of the conservation of the protected areas we visit –Yasuní National Park, Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, Limoncocha Biological Reserve, etc. – traveling with us is traveling the right way… the way Amazonia was meant to be traveled.


On behalf of all of us at Manatee Amazon Explorer©, I want to thank you for your interest in navigating Ecuador’s Amazon Basin. Welcome aboard!

Raúl Garcia - Company CEO